The Holiday Start-Up

Be always on holidays with The Holiday Start-Up

  • new business model strategy for start ups
  • following the concepts of the startup weekend
  • put together a small and effective team on a perfect holiday destination
  • project or prototype gets done earlier, better and with real involvement
  • sponsors are satisfied and surprised with efficiency and simplicity of making new business


The concept is simple, create a start-up with an amazing team in a perfect holiday destination.

This is based on the fact that team members are mostly spread around the globe and meeting in an urban location and get locked inside offices does not always bring the most of inspiration to reach the zone, therefore, instead of moving everyone to the city, a perfect destination is chosen and the team gets together in there.

During the project, members are supposed to work 100% of the time, even while swimming in the sea with cocktails. Most, if not all conversation between project peers, must be project related. The idea here is to bring the project to the everytime discussion, absolutely living the project and wrapping the minds around it in brainstorms of ideas and inspirations.

Of course there is working time as in a regular office, sitting behind the computer and typing, after all this is what we love the most, this happens all together with laptops under the shadow, in the swimming pool or in the hotel room.

After the agreed period a.k.a dead line, the working project or prototype, whatever the goal was, must be delivered and there might even be celebration.


People work best together when there is a social sensivity between them, the so called emotional intelligence, this is precisely when they get involved. An involved team can work and be productive as no other.

The environment is comproved to be one of the most important factors to be considered while raising productivity, and this won't be different with geeks. Felling good and seeing people fell good around us make us happy and work harder, have nicer ideas and just let it all flow.

It is very important that the project or prototype is a challenging objective to the team members, if that is so, they will work the 100% mentioned above.

Putting the team together for a period of time, raises the focus, and the idea of being isolated in this perfect destination shields from external factors that might consume the team's super powers.

Nothing like being rewarded by what you do, and that is what team members should think, they should realize they do not need holidays anymore and they can just keep on working and being much more productive and happy that they used to, and very important, having fun with their peers that also believe in the same objective.


Well, this is just a dream and as far as I know it does not exist, however, I strongly believe this is a concept that might work, if people just do not think they are working they can be much more productive.

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